The #1 Tip for Creating a Clear Strategy


Have you ever walked out of a strategy meeting and felt more confused than when you entered? So often I chat with businesses — whether it be large, global corporates or even small businesses — and their leaders say to me, “Colin, I have so many goals, I’m quite unclear […]

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3 Crucial Life Lessons I Discovered On Sabbatical


Would you like a month off? Imagine taking a month out of your busy schedule. Recently I took my first sabbatical, which is really an extended holiday with a purpose. Approaching the sabbatical, whenever I mentioned that I was about to take a month off, almost everyone seemed surprised. The […]

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5 Productivity Hacks that can change your life


I love a good hack. A hack by definition is something that saves you time. Some hacks can save you a little bit of time and there are others that can completely change how you think or produce your work. I call these ‘Super Hacks’. My definition of the super […]

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How To Double Your Delegation Skills

Passing the Relay Baton

A recent executive coaching client said to me “Colin, I know that I need to delegate more, but there is something preventing me from doing it…” Delegation is one of those skills where most people say they need to ‘do it more’ but have a whole bunch of beliefs and […]

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